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Japan's elite warriors (the Samurai) were skilled in weapons and hands combat. 
They needed a practical and spiritual guidance to live by

so they adopted to Bushido and  made it part of their daily training.

While They did different forms of Martial art
known as  Kenjutsu,  Kyujutsu, Jujutsu...etc.

Bushido was the main practice they focused on because it reaches

the inner core values and spirit

At Bushido Kyokai, we teach these traditional forms of  Japanese martial arts using the eight virtues of Bushido so our students connect with their inner values and discover their true character

We do not promote competitions, because we believe that 

the true victory should be over yourself.   

Our Dojo promote a safe, caring, orderly and supportive training where our students, Sweat, Laugh, build friendships and are assisted in achieving their highest potential in martial arts and in life. 

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