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What is BUSHIDO?

Bushido Is an ancient Japanese martial arts that was practiced and used by the "Samurai"  Japan's elite warriors, using a wide variety of weapons such as, 

Sword, Bo staff,  Bow and Arrows, Tanto. and Hand to Hand combat and cultivated the Bushido of martial virtues.

In the 16th was called 古流武術 KoRyuBuJutsu (Old-school martial arts) and in the mid of the 17th century, new schools and styles started to appear in Japan. 

Our Dojo promote a safe, caring, orderly and supportive training where our students Learn, Sweat, Laugh, build Friendships and are assisted in achieving their highest potential not only in martial arts but also in life. 

Here at Bushido Kyokai. we teach the essence of Japanese martial arts using the seven virtues of Bushido. 

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