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Martial Arts


Japanese Martial Arts 

Japanese Jujitsu  was the main school of Martial arts that is developed by the warriors in Japan as a need to use hands combat in close battles.
Later in the 15th century, the first Jujutsu school was established in
Japan and other martial art schools has descended from it. 

Jujitsu consists of close hands combats, using weapons and can be used to defend and or to attack.
it focuses on strikes, throws, holds, and paralyzing attacks..etc.

What many seem to forget that, this is an ART form, you learn to harmonize the body and mind with the nature.

"The objective of doing martial arts should not be the self-defense,

It should be for a better living.



The Way of the Bow

Kyujutsu or Kyudo,  it is not an archery as advertised outside of Japan 
this is a common misconception in the west, because the plain translation of it's fact (Bow and Arrow = Archery) 
But as we know it, Kyudo has a deeper philosophy that goes beyond the physical training which is Body, it reaches out to the Mind then the Spirit

The purpose of doing Kyudo is not to hit a target nor to be the best archer, but is simply to better oneself
The essence of Kyudo is based on these three concepts, 
Shin (truth) Only a right-mind and heart, displays the harmony in attitude, movement and technique can achieve the pure shot.
(goodness) Courtesy, compassion and morality, are qualities that we strive to achieve, not only in practice but also outside of the Dojo.  
(beauty) Shin and Zen are considered beauty. But aside from that we strives for grace and elegance in everything we do.

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Weapon Training

Weapon Training 

We use the traditional Japanese weapons such as:  Kyudo, Katana, Bokken, Jo, Tanto, Nunchaku

The goal in teaching weapons is the proper and safe way to use, and to disarm someone without being harmed in the process. 
Some of the benefits, Arms and legs muscles strengthening , proper posture and breathing, Boosting Stamina and increases focus 



The Art of Sword Draw

Battōjutsu is an old term for iaijutsu, which means the art of drawing the sword.
This form was developed from Kenjutsu, the purpose of it was a quick draw with an instant strike to stop a sudden attack in a narrow space and distance.  

 It is practised with a live blade (katana) or Iaito as solo kata for combative effectiveness, through distancing, timing and accuracy  

Knife attack.png


Classes are focused on situations that may happened out on the street, such as punch, grabbing, headlocks, or disarming a knife

Unlike the Jujutsu classes, this is not an academic course

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