Martial Arts Session

Martial Arts

What we teach here at Bushido is not how to hurt someone, but the true form of martial arts.
With the popularity rise in MMA, people tend to see martial arts as a brutal fighting sport. It could not be further away from it. What many seem to forget is, that it is an ART form. You learn how to harmonize body, mind and nature. Use it to its fullest capacity and gain the skills of focus, confidence and self – defense.



The essence of Kyudo is based on these three concepts, or ultimate goals:
(truth) Only a right-mind and heart, that displays the harmony in attitude, movement and technique can achieved the pure shot.
(goodness) Courtesy, compassion and morality, are qualities that we strive to achieve, not only in practice but also outside of the Dojo.  
(beauty) Shin and Zen are considered beauty. But aside from that we strives for grace and elegance in everything we do.
The goal in Kyudo is not to be the best archer, but to better ourselves.

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Martial Arts Practice

Weapon Training 

In our weapon training we incorporate many Japanese weapons that were used by the Samurai, such as: Bo – Staff and knives to subdue your opponent or unarm them.
But we also incorporated western type weapons, like baseball bats and guns. These are very commonly used to attack, and we want to prepare you and show you how to disarm the attacker in the safest way possible.   



The purpose of Iaido was to slay an opponent with one stroke of the sword immediately after unsheathing it.
It is practiced with a Katana ( Japanese sword). The Katana was considered the ultimate weapon of the samurai. The practice is calm and quite as to only a clear mind and movement can achieve enlightenment.

Martial Arts with Samurai Swords
Japanese Interior


The first step to mediation is a good posture and flexibility, since you’ll be required to sit still for up to 15 min on a Japanese cushion. During the process of meditation one shall keep a clear mind and focus only on deepening once breath.  If this is achieved you will discover wisdom and enlightenment. It sounds very easy, but takes years of practice to even come close.

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