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Martial Arts

Martial Arts

What many seem to forget is, that it is an ART form.

You learn how to harmonize the body and mind with the nature.
As The sensei says

"The objective of doing martial arts should not be for self-defense,

It should be for a better living.
self-defense skills, confidence…etc.
are the positive side effects of your daily practice"



The essence of Kyudo is based on these three concepts, 
(truth) Only a right-mind and heart, that displays the harmony in attitude, movement and technique can achieved the pure shot.
(goodness) Courtesy, compassion and morality, are qualities that we strive to achieve, not only in practice but also outside of the Dojo.  
(beauty) Shin and Zen are considered beauty. But aside from that we strives for grace and elegance in everything we do.
The goal in Kyudo is not to be the best archer, but to better oneself

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Weapon Training

Weapon Training 

In our weapon training we use traditional Japanese weapons such as:  Katana, Boken, Jo, Tanto, Nunchaku
Our advance classes get to learn the modern weapon that are used in the West. 

The goal in teaching weapons is, the proper and safe way to use and to disarm someone without being harmed in the process. 



NihonTo (Japanese sword) was and still is one of the country Symbol. The purpose of Iaido was to slay an opponent with one strike immediately once the sword is drawn.
Today, it is practiced in Kata form. The iaitō is usually custom made according to the weight and size of the student. The blade lacks a sharp edge for the student's safety, 
unless its for Tameshigiri practice. 



The first step to mediation is a good posture and flexibility, since you’ll be required to sit still for up to 15 min on a Japanese cushion. During the process of meditation one shall keep a clear mind and focus only on once breath.  If this is achieved you will discover wisdom and enlightenment. It sounds very easy, but takes years of practice.

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