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Sanada Najimu


真田 和侍武

Grew up in Japan studying traditional Japanese martial arts, such as Kyudo, Battōjutsu, JuJutsu Kenjutsu, JoJutsu,  and Taihojutsu.

He Earned several black belts and medals in Archery. 

Began his career in 2009 as martial art instructor in Japan.

Taught defensive tactics such as handcuffing, knife deployment and gun disarm techniques to law enforcement, currently in the U.S to Veteran affairs.

Kaicho Sanada established few martial arts academies overseas that are still running by his black belt students.

He also worked as a martial arts stunt coordinator in the U.A.E film industry.



Tanaka Yoshimi

Born and raised in Japan.
She began practicing Shodo
(Japanese Calligraphy) at the age of four

from a great calligrapherToshiko Tanaka
Sensei Yoshimi's Aunt.

She Became a master in Shodo after decades of learning this art, 
leaving a carrier in international business,
She decided to carrying on the history that her family had cherished, and
 convey the artistic beauty throughout the language history.

She has studied the art at:
Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation


​田中 好美

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