With the social distancing guidelines. JUNE 1st 2020. Bushido resume classes focusing on Boken, Bo-staff, Iaido, Kyudo and breathing exercise at it's location as well as online classes.       

"It is essential to be physically and mentally active"

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Cleaning is part of the training

Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, Bushido Dojo placed big importance on a clean and fresh space. In Japan it is part of the students training to clean the Dojo before and after they are done. It teaches them responsibility and appreciation for the space they are in. 
Since the outbreak we started to focus a lot more on sanitizing regular touched and used items, like door handles, water-cooler, sword and other weapons.

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Sensei Sanada is patient with the kids, he shows the techniques multiple times till they get it. In addition, he teaches them discipline in an effective manner. He will make you do things, that you thought you couldn’t do. He will push you beyond your limits, which in turn makes us confident and believe in how strong and capable our mind and body are. 

My Sensei here is by far the best! My Sensei is an excellent teacher! He knows each individuals physical limitations, so you never have to worry about being pushed too hard. However, he will push you in a way that you can see yourself progressing, doing things you never thought you could do. Every class presents a new challenge. We laugh but more importantly we learn. So I would recommend anyone to come and give it a try. I

The Bushido Association is a special place. The facility is clean, bright and comfortable. Sensai has built a beautiful community and environment that encourages growth. He meets you were you are. He says anyone can do Aikido and I believe him. I am an older student new to martial arts. I am thrilled with the skills I have learned. I can do than I thought I could learn to do when I started. Aikido is fun and challenging.

Want to Visit our Dojo?

We are always happy to welcome you in our Dojo, to not disrupt the class, we recommend you schedule an appointment with us in advance through Email or a Phone call.

Thank you for your understanding  

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